Earn More with RE/MAX

At RE/MAX, you get no referral fee leads and 95% splits, some of the best commission splits in the business. Try our commission calculator below to see just how much joining our RE/MAX office will benefit your career.

Calculator Instructions

Enter the following pieces of information and we will calculate how much more you will earn with RE/MAX over your current company.

  1. Enter your Gross Commissions from Last Year
  2. Enter your Franchise Fee Percentage
  3. Enter your Split Percentage on your Gross Commissions
  4. Enter the Average Amount of any Other Regular Monthly Fees you Pay
  5. Click the CALCULATE Button
  6. See How Much More You’ll Earn with RE/MAX
  7. Contact RE/MAX Innovations ASAP and Setup an Appointment to Talk to Us
  8. Join RE/MAX Innovations and Change Your Life Forever!

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