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Many agents do not want to be in the business of paper management. By utilizing our Transaction Management service, you are able to step away from the paperwork and focus on money making activities.

We offer the flexibility to use this service on all of your transactions, only specific transactions, or during your busy times. Take a day off or take a vacation with peace of mind knowing your files are being handled.

People often complain about a lack of time when the lack of direction is the real problem.

~ Zig Zigler

Once you have an accepted offer, hand it to our TC (Transaction Coordinator) to put it together, audit, request any missing docs signatures/dates and send to all involved parties (lender, title, co-op agent, clients). The TC docs or needed signatures for all parties. TC will go through all of your files at least once a week and will send you updates on critical dates and anything else needed for that file. This is a standardized process created by a licensed Broker-Agent but also is customizable for each file or agent.

Benefits of Implementing our Transaction Management Service into your Business

  • Gain Greater Control Into Transaction Activity
  • Increase Client Satisfaction and Gain Repeat Business
  • Narrows the Funnel of Information
  • Money Savings: Time Is Money In This Business!
  • Flexibility: Use It on all Files, or Only When You’re Busy
  • Audits, Contracts, MREC/KREC Ccompliance, & File Storage
  • Time Savings
  • Get Paid On Time!

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