Brett RounklesLet’s get to know a little more about Brett Rounkles!

First Name: Brett
Last Name: Rounkles
Email Address:

Hometown? Platte City, Missouri

What is your favorite part about being a Realtor? Investment properties. I like to see potential in deals that give my clients great ROI by forcing equity into an asset.

What brought you to RE/MAX Innovations? The Barth Team. I grew up with the Barth’s and am looking forward to being a part of everything they have going on in the development of some great neighborhoods in the Northland.

What is your favorite room in a house? I would say the living room. I like it when there is a lot of windows and daylight that give a lot of light and life into the room.

What is your guilty pleasure? The Office. This show seems to be the go-to at night while eating dinner. I have already watched it once and am on my second time through. I like it because I have already seen it so I don’t fall to the temptation of staying up late and watching multiple episodes. It’s like my own governor.

Are you a “Glass Half Empty” or a “Glass Half Full” kind of person? Always full. At least that’s what I like to think lol. There are always setbacks, as we have seen recently, but that is where real fulfillment comes from. Being stagnant is the worst feeling for me.

If you could have a superhero power, what would it be? To read at a level of 1 million words per minute. I want to consume as much knowledge as possible.

What is the most used app on your phone or tablet? Haha, I just looked this up because I had no idea. It’s the calculator.

What makes you, or has made you, the person you are today? My family supporting me in everything I do and my God-given determination to succeed at whatever I set my mind to.

What is your favorite thing about Kansas City? “How bout them CHIEFS?”

What is a fun fact or something that most people do not know about you? I am a Google platform geek. I put EVERYTHING into my Google Calendar and the Drive. Even my eating times…

What is your favorite activity to do in Kansas City? Eat at different restaurants downtown.

Favorite Beverage? Good old H2O

Favorite Meal? Pizza

Favorite Book? Rich Dad Poor Dad

Favorite Color? Green

Favorite Band, Artist, or Song? The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Favorite Sport (to play OR to watch)? Chiefs

Favorite RE/MAX Innovations Memory (so far): Getting signed up!